Happy Mothers Day!


It is almost Mothers Day!
I am on a tight budget right now so I decided to make my Mother something for Mothers Day!
I made her a girl manicure/bathroom stuff Jar.
It is full of lady items such as, nail clippers, finger nail polish, razor, q-tips, shower gel, and etc.
I thought it would be something she would enjoy and use. I put it in a large mason jar, with a piece of colored fabric and decorated outside the jar with a headband she can use and jut a little note pined to the side saying Happy Mothers Day!:)
I hope she loves it!
How about you? What did you get your
Mom for Mothers Day?
Thanks for reading! And to all the new followers!

About Me Post

I am going to list 10 things about me so you can have an idea of what kind of person I am.:)
1. I love vintage things and I consider myself old timey.
2. I love animals. I have a corn snake and a leopard gecko. Their names are NikNak(snake) and Oliver(Gecko), I had a bunny names Venny once he passed away but I can not wait till I am able to have more bunnies.:) I love dogs and cats as well of course.
3. I am a very petite person, as I am 4 ft 11 and weigh 85 pounds at the age of 19. A lot of people recognize me just because of how short I am. I sometimes wish I were taller, but I don’t think I’d be me If I wasn’t.
4. My favorite color is Peach, I tend to like yellow and gray as my other favorites. 🙂
5. I love movies, all kinds I could literally go to a theatre everyday by myself just to watch a movie. I like tragedies and romances the most. I’ll make a another post on all my top movies later;)
6. I am a college student at Northeast Mississippi Community college, to become a teacher. And it has always been my dream to teach the younger generations and to help them grow and development into great leaders, for one of them will take my place one day right?:) all the more reason to prepare them with great knowledge.
7. I have a boyfriend, in which I live with, his name is Dustin Jones:) and we have been together three years now.:) to many more years!
8. I love children! I can not wait for the time comes for me to be a mother. Of course I do not plan to be till I have graduated with my bachelors degree and have my teaching career started. Children are very expensive to say the least. I do have a niece and nephew to fill up some of my spare time. Kenlee is 3 and Spencer is about to be 1 yrs old and they are a bundle of fun and I love them.
9. Almost done! Aren’t you tired of reading all this junk about me haha. One interesting thing that I do is I eat my soup, ice cream, and cereal out of a cup instead of a bowl. Weird huh? Why? Well my stepdad is half Japanese and we never hand bowls in our house and he used a cup, so I used a cup too and still do.:)
10. Finally! The last fact I want to tell you what vehicle I drive. I think what car you drive kinda describes your character, but only if you can afford the one you would prefer of course, some have to get what their parents give them. I bought mine when I moved out if my parents house, last December I believe, it is a Nissan Versa! And it is white and I love it!:)

Well thank you for baring with me through the list! I know I can get a little off track! But of any has any things in common with me, please share yours with me!:) thank you lovely bloggers!

I may try to post a poll for you guys soon so get ready!:)